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Still Time to Register for the DSpace User Group Meeting

It is not to late to register! Below are the details and final schedule for the upcoming DSpace User Group Meeting.

@mire and DuraSpace invite all DSpace enthusiasts to this half day DSpace user group meeting. The meeting will feature sessions on the upcoming DSpace 1.7 release, both addressed to repository managers and developers. @mire representatives will introduce @mire's unique offering of services and add-on modules, supporting institutions running their own in-house repository.

Date & Time: November 10, 2010, from 8:30am to 1pm. 
Location: Baltimore, Maryland  

The meeting will be held following the SPARC Digital Repositories Conference ( on November 8 and 9.

Here is the final schedule: 

8.30-9.15: Update on 1.7 and beyond by Peter Dietz (DSpace 1.7 release Manager)
9.15-10: @mire products and services by Bram Luyten / Lieven Droogmans / Mark Diggory (@mire)
10-10.15: coffee break
10.15-11: Batch Metadata Editing by Maureen Walsh
11.15-12: Structured Networking for Repository Managers: Challenges and Ambitions for 2011* 

*Structured Networking: This is a chance for you to hear from other members of the community and learn what they are working on. Depending on your travel plans, you are invited connect with other users to continue networking over lunch. Here are some questions to get the discussion going:

-Are you putting a DSpace 1.7 upgrade on your roadmap? Why or why not?

-What are your main organizational issues with your repository? (staff time available, boss doesn't want to fund it, researchers don't perceive the value, etc.)

-What are your main technical issues with your repository ? (learning curve, staff availability/turnover, working on an older dspace version, etc.)

-If there's one thing DuraSpace and/or the community could do for you, that would make YOUR life easier, what would it be?

For more information, please visit the wiki:  
Although registration is formally closed, please email - if you would like to attend.