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DSpace and Fedora Community Commitment to Excellence in Support of Open Access to Knowledge

Ithaca, NY Open Access to knowledge relies on underlying technologies created by organizations and individuals with an awareness and understanding of the relationship of technology to scholarship both now and in the future. Open Access (OA) to knowledge and Open Source (OS) software development are linked by shared community values around digital access and preservation.

Wikipedia refers to the backbone of open source software development: “ A main principle and practice of OS software development is peer production by bartering and collaboration.” DSpace and Fedora community committers have built a strong practice around a shared belief in the open exchange of ideas and resources to improve the code and documentation base for all DSpace and Fedora users, who in turn create and preserve access to our shared digital heritage. Collaborative open source software development requires both attention to broad concepts and the ability to focus in on the details that drive regular software release cycles. The results of DuraSpace community-powered development are a set of dynamic and robust open source repository technologies that are widely used by a global community of more than 1,000 DSpace or Fedora instances in 80 countries. None of this would be possible without the ongoing dedication of DSpace and Fedora Committers.

In celebration of Open Access Week Oct. 18-22, 2010 and on behalf of DSpace and Fedora users everywhere DuraSpace would like to thank the hard working DSpace and Fedora Committers Groups and the institutions which support their participation:


Andrea Bollini - AePIC Team CILEA

Ben Bosman - @MIRE

Peter Dietz - Ohio State University Libraries

Mark Diggory - @MIRE

Tim Donohue - DuraSpace

Keith Gilbertson - Georgia Institute of Technology

Richard Jones - Symplectic

Claudia Jürgen - University Library of Dortmund

Stuart Lewis - The University of Auckland Library

Brad McLean - DuraSpace

Gabriela Mircea - University of Toronto

Scott Phillips - Texas A& M University

Richard Rodgers - MIT Libraries

Kim Shepherd - University of Auckland Library

Robert Tansley - Google

Robin Taylor - University of Edinburgh

Graham Triggs - BioMed Central

Jeffrey Trimble - Youngstown State University

Mark Wood - Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Aaron Zeckoski – Unicon

DSpace also has several Emeritus Committers whose code contributions and guidance

have played an integral part in helping make DSpace what it is today.

Jim Downing

James Rutherford

Larry Stone

Scott Yeadon

Fedora Commons

Benjamin Armintor - Columbia University

Asger Askov Blekinge - State and University Library, Denmark

Steve Bayliss - Acuity Unlimited

Aaron Birkland - NSDL, Cornell University

Bill Branan - DuraSpace

Daniel Davis - Cornell University

Gert Pedersen - Technical University of Denmark

Scott Prater - University of Wisconsin, Madison

Edwin Shin - Media Shelf

Kai Strnad - FIZ Karlsruhe

Chris Wilper - DuraSpace

Andrew Woods - DuraSpace

In addition Fedora and DSpace rely on many individuals to make the projects successful. Contributions are made regularly by the projects’ active worldwide communities.  For a more complete list of past and present committers and contributors, please see:



Join Our Weekly Open Committer Meetings

• DSpace, Wednesdays in

the #duraspace IRC channel at 20:00 UTC (determine your local time by checking

the world clock:

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The weekly agenda and notes are available here:


• Fedora, Tuesdays in the #duraspace IRC channel at 11am EDT (GMT-4) (determine

your local time by checking the world clock:

fixedtime.html?hour=20& min=0& sec=0& p1=0

The weekly agenda and notes are available here:


Feel free to drop in online if you are interested in learning more about how to get involved in making the next release of DSpace or Fedora even better.