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Open Access Week Events From DSpace Institutions All Over the Globe

From Bram Luyten, @mire (, originally posted on facebook here:

During the week of 18-24th of October, institutions all over the globe are expressing their support for Open Access to scholarly communication ( From the big list of events, here are those from institutions that are highlighting the use of DSpace at their institution as a technology enabling Open Access.

The University of British Columbia (Canada) offers a full week of workshops, seminars and other activities, both at the UBC Vancouver Campus and the UBC Okanagan Campus. The institution’s DSpace repository, cIRcle (customized in collaboration with @mire), will be highlighted on Thursday afternoon. The Keynote event on Friday morning features G. Sayeed Choudhury, Associate Dean for Library Digital Programs and Hodson Director of the Digital Research and Curation Center, Johns Hopkins University with the presentation titled “The Case for Open Data and eScience – Establishing a University Data Management Program at Johns Hopkins”.

Date & Time 18-22nd of October

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The University of Pretoria (South Africa) is hosting a presentation on the Creative Commons license by Dr. T Schonwetter, legal head of Creative Commons South Africa. He will talk about the impact of the Creative Commons licenses on Open Access and what Creative Commons is doing to build an ecosystem of openness. Creative Commons licenses are arguably the most widely used open licenses available for literary and musical works. Through a series of different licenses, Creative Commons licenses allow content creators to keep or give away a variety of rights under copyright law.

Date & Time 21st of October, 12:30 - 14:00

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The University of Ottawa (Canada) is treating their community of scholars with a wide variety of both online and offline events throughout Open Access Week. Highlights are the free screening of the award-winning NFB documentary RiP: A remix manifesto on Wednesday evening, presented by professors Mary Cavanagh (Information Studies) and Rocci Luppicini (Communication), the Apps Showcase “Creating innovative solutions using open data” on Thursday evening and a Funding Agency Panel on Monday noon.

Date & Time Whole week

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The University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) organizes a Seminar on Open Access to Information. During this event various aspects of open access will be explored, amongst others, publishing in an open access journal, editing an open access journal, the use of open source software to facilitate greater sharing of information, a presentation by Mr Mark Shuttleworth, and more.

Date & Time 20th of October, 14:00-17:30

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The University of Utrecht (Netherlands) took the lead on compiling a list of activities across different Dutch institutions. Because of national holidays during the actual Open Access Week, most activities are situated in the week of 11-15th of October. If you are based in the Netherlands, make sure to check out initiatives from other DSpace institutions Leiden University and Radboud University Nijmegen.Date & Time 11-26th of October

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