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For Your Repository Browsing Pleasure: “University of British Columbia Library Vault”

Ithaca, NY The good stuff is always kept in the “vault.” The remarkable resources in the University of British Columbia Library Vault are no exception. Who would display things like amazing animal images, artworks, postcards, historic photographs, scholarly papers, and fanciful ethnic images on a ordinary virtual shelf?
A quick look into the UBC open access Vault ( yielded views of rich collections, exhibits, and resources: “The Darwin Letters” and the “Nightingale Letters“; The Stravinsky Collection; British Columbia urban and rural scenes by artist and teacher Sam Black, and; a remarkable collection of sea animals rendered by naturalist René-Primevère in the early 19th century among many other treasures.
The University of British Columbia is a 2010 DuraSpace Gold Sponsor helping to support the infrastructure for DuraSpace open source projects (DSpace and Fedora) and the growing number of related community projects.