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A Deep Dive into Fedora

Ithaca, NY Summer sojourns come in many varieties. For leaders and participants in the third Red Island Repository Institute (RIRI) hosted by the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) in Charlottetown, Canada, red sand beaches, lobster and deep dives into the inner workings of Fedora—open source flexible extensible, digital object repository software—were a logical combination for a destination experience focused around technology education and the natural beauty of Prince Edward Island.
The Islandora group at UPEI has made the following Fedora-focused RIRI presentations by Sandy Payette available:
• Intro to DuraSpace and Fedora Project, especially the history of Fedora part
• Fedora Repository
• Fedora Digital Objects
at URL:
• Modeling Fedora Objects for Digital Collections and Research Data
at URL: