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DURASPACE/ORACLE WEB SEMINAR Sept 29: DuraSpace Open Integration Architecture: A Pathway to Interoperation

Ithaca, NY What will it take to integrate a set of unique open source technologies in order to benefit the communities that rely on them to create accessible and durable digital resources? Join Brad McLean, DuraSpace CTO, for an “All About Repositories” web seminar co-sponsored by DuraSpace and ORACLE where he will address that question. He will provide an update on DuraSpace’s technology strategy including a high level overview of each of DuraSpace’s three major open source preservation platforms: DSpace, a turnkey institutional repository; DuraCloud, preservation support over cloud computing platforms; and Fedora, a framework and toolkit for building digital repositories. This presentation will outline a proposed pathway to coexistence and interoperation of all three technologies.
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Brad will review updated roadmaps for each project and present current and future integration and migration plans. Each of these projects has a vibrant ecosystem of collaborating projects, from which examples will be highlighted illustrating practical integration approaches among and between these systems.