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DSpace User Group Meeting After SPARC Conference

Ithaca, NY  There will be a half day DSpace User Group Meeting from 8:30am to 1pm on November 10, 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland, immediately following the SPARC Digital Repositories Conference on November 8 and 9.
Based on feedback from the community, the DSpace Global Outreach Committee has put together the following proposed agenda:
1) Update on 1.7 and beyond
2) Innovative uses of DSpace - call for proposals from the community*
3) @mire projects and products
4) Batch metadata editing tutorial**
5) Structured networking session - find people or projects of interest to you
Meeting Registration
The meeting is being sponsored by @mire, a Registered DSpace Service Provider, and is free to anyone who wishes to participate. For planning purposes, please be sure to register by October 20, 2010. Send an email with your name and institution to
*Call for Proposals
We are currently seeking presentation proposals from members of the community with innovative DSpace projects at their institutions. Proposals should be sent to by October 13, 2010. Acceptance notification will be sent by October 20.
**Batch metadata editing tutorial
We are seeking a presenter for this tutorial session. Content has already been written for a similar tutorial presented at OR10 and can easily be re-used. If you have used the batch metadata editing tool in DSpace 1.6 and would like to help spread the joy of this fantastic tool, please email
For more information or updates on the meeting, please visit the wiki.