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DSpace Global Outreach Committee Update

Ithaca, NY  Many in the DSpace community are already familiar with the DSpace Global Outreach Committee (DGOC), which is a group of volunteers who work to identify or develop resources and tools for DSpace users, as well as to advance the user community network world-wide.

The DGOC has been hard at work this year on various projects, the most recent of which was the collaboration with DSpace committers to develop a session at OR10 specifically designed for repository managers. The session was extremely well received and recordings and/or copies of the slides will be available soon. In May, the DGOC launched the new and improved DSpace user registry database which allows the community to not just see who uses DSpace, but provides a search and filter functions which enable users to find other institutions which may have similar repositories and environments to their own.

Over the past several months, the DGOC has also been exploring ways to get more members of community involved in the software release process. There were some good discussions and proposals which resulted in agreement from the committer group to have a more formalized group or process to help facilitate broader community assistance and feedback in the release process. The intention is that this process will provide support to the release coordinator, as well as allow for more non-techies to take an active part in the evolution of the software. A logical place to incubate some of these ideas is with the DGOC. To that end, the DGOC plans to begin to help the committers review new feature requests in JIRA. Part of this process will include encouraging and facilitating discussions about specific feature ideas with the community through the general mailing list. The hope is that more people will participate in determining the relevancy of the feature requests as well as assist in defining the requirements of a request.

To make all of the DGOC efforts more transparent to the community, the monthly DGOC meetings are now open to anyone who wants to attend. We welcome anyone in the community to join the meetings, but due to space limitations on our teleconference number, we do ask that if you plan to attend you email in advance to ensure there is capacity on the call. For more information about the meetings, including all the archived meeting notes visit here: Our next meeting is scheduled for October 5.

Membership to the DGOC is open to anyone in the DSpace community. You can read more about the group here: For anyone interested in learning more about the DGOC or if you have any feedback or questions about the DGOC efforts, please feel free to contact Valorie Hollister at