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PASIG-related Activities and Events in September and October

From Art Pasquinelli, Oracle Digital Libraries, Repositories, and Preservation Solutions Specialist and organizer of the Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG Francisco, CA Here is an overview of several interesting PASIG-related activities and events that will take place in September and October. Oracle Open World Panel DuraSpace Open Integration Architecture Webinar Regional PASIG in Charlotte, NC Oracle Higher Education Executive Summit Oracle German Library Sumitt1. Oracle Open World Panel: If you are coming to Oracle Open World,  please join us in session S318032 at 3:30pm on Tuesday, September 21. Art Pasquinelli will host a panel on “Digital Libraries, Repositories, and Long-Term Content Management”.This session examines Oracle’s solutions for long-term institutional content management. They include (1) architecting open, tiered storage for scalable repository growth, (2) repository federationusing Oracle Universal Content Management, (3) partner solutions, (4) Oracle’s community work with the Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group, (5) linking scholarly materials to administrative systems, and (6) designing an institutional enterprise content management and preservation strategy. Panel participants are;Russell StayDirectorFamily History Information at FamilySearchPatricia CruseDirector, UC Curation CenterCalifornia Digital LibraryUniversity of CaliforniaMichael A. KellerUniversity LibrarianDirector of Academic Information ResourcesFounder/Publisher HighWire PressPublisher Stanford University PressStanford UniversityRoger EssohHead of Business Development & InnovationAtos Origin - Public Sector2. The third installment in our joint DuraSpace/Oracle “All About Repositories” webinar series entitled “DuraSpace Open Integration Architecture: A Pathway to Interoperation” will take place at 11:00PT on September 29.Join Brad McLean, DuraSpace CTO, for an update on DuraSpace’s technology strategy including a high level overview of each of DuraSpace’s three major open source preservation platforms: DSpace, a turnkey institutional repository; DuraCloud, preservation support over cloud computing platforms; and Fedora, a framework and toolkit for building digital repositories. This presentation will outline a proposed pathway to coexistence and interoperation of all three technologies.Brad will review updated roadmaps for each project and present current and future integration and migration plans. Each of these projects has a vibrant ecosystem of collaborating projects, from which examples will be highlighted illustrating practical integration approaches among and between these systems.Register at: 4th of six installments will be in the last week of October (TBD) and will cover Oracle technology solutions related to repositories.3. Oracle Regional PASIG in Charlotte, NC on October 7While this is a regionally focused PASIG event, it is open to all and will include some excellent non-Education speakers. We expect about 60-70 attendees at this highly collaborative event. To register and see the agenda please go to: Oracle Higher Education Executive Summit, Hilton Anaheim Hotel, Monday, October 11 (prior to Educause) from 12:00pm to 6:00pm: is hosting this executive summit for higher education technology leaders who are interested in mapping new directions. The event will begin with a networking lunch and close with a networkingreception. Marc Hamilton, VP Oracle, will be one of the keynotes.Executive Guest Speakers include:Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect at Oracle. Reporting to CEO, Larry Ellison, Mr. Screven drives technology and architecture decisions across all Oracle products and is responsible for Oracle’s open source businesses including Linux, Virtualization, MySQL, and Open Office.Marc Hamilton, Vice President, Systems Support. Marc and his team provide global sales support for systems products including cloud computing, M-Series SPARC Enterprise Servers and Preservation and Archive products.Interactive discussion topics include:• Oracle Open Source Strategy and Higher Education• Trends in Education and Research Computing Infrastructure• Making Tough Decisions with Business Analytics• Discussion on Oracle and Sun in Education and Research5. Oracle German Library Summit (Oracle Bibliotheken Summit), October 27-28, WeimarThis is a Sun legacy annual event and attracts about 200 attendees each year.  To register go to;