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Fun With Web Metrics

From Bob Donahue, Senior Developer, WGBH Educational Foundation, WGBH Interactive

Ed note: What to measure online, when, connecting findings with workflow, interoperability across platforms and web sites, gauging impact within specific disciplines and more are all questions that Bob Donahue has had deep experience with. His more than 20 years experience designing tools and methodologies for examining data, searching for trends, connections, correlations, etc., including error component analysis will make his new blog: “Fun With Web Metrics” both lighthearted and enlightening for anyone interested in understanding more about web metrics.

Boston, MA I’ve started a blog called “Fun With Web Metrics” ( which went live last week (9/1).

The purpose of the blog is to facilitate discussions on new thinking of web metrics - particularly involving web sites that are non-commercial or educational in nature.   Many of the current “conventional wisdoms” on web metrics  has their roots in the commercial world, which doesn’t always address the particular issues non-commercial sites have regarding assessment.

The hope is that having a forum for this topic will spark discussions, exchanges of ideas, the development of shared tools, and the highlighting of “success stories” that can be beneficial to all of us.

I’ll be re-visiting some of the issues that have come up in earlier NSDL (National Science Digital Libraries) discussions and presentations, and sharing more recent insights and results (including - finally - path analysis).

The goal is to average two posts per week:  one (on Tuesdays) that’s more “philosophical” in nature, with the other (on Fridays) that’s more technical (”geeky”). So please check it out and pass the news along to anyone you think might be interested.