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For Your Weekend Repository Browsing Pleasure: “Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Library”

Ithaca, NY The name “Woods Hole” has been synonymous with scientific discovery and exploration for more than a century. The Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (MBL WHOI) Library has been a partner in sustaining the Woods Hole scientific community from the beginning.

“Founded in 1888, the MBL is the oldest independent marine laboratory in the Americas, taking advantage of a coastal setting in the Cape Cod village of Woods Hole, Massachusetts. To date, 54 MBL-affiliated scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize, among many other honors received by the laboratory’s researchers.” –Wikipedia

Among many outstanding resources and services (, the Library’s exhibits provide online visitors with an opportunity to experience the rich history of exploration at Woods Hole.

Notable is the “James Cook: The Art of Exploration” exhibit which features a gallery of images hand-drawn by artists who accompanied Captain James Cook on voyages in the Pacific from 1768-1780 before the age of photography.