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DuraCloud Now Available as Open Source: Preservation Support and Access Services Built on Cloud Infrastructure

Contact Michele Kimpton ( for more information.
Ithaca, NY The DuraSpace organization unveiled the open source code for the new DuraCloud platform, a hosted service and open technology that makes it easy for organizations and end users to use cloud services, at the Fifth International Open Repositories Conference (OR10) in Madrid, Spain last month. DuraCloud is an open source platform that is built upon commercial cloud infrastructure. The platform itself deploys into a cloud server environment and is integrated with multiple cloud storage providers, including Amazon AWS and Rackspace. DuraSpace is making the open source code available to enable the community to create new software and services that integrate with the core platform.
Developers who are looking into building applications in the cloud are encouraged to experiment with the DuraCloud code and provide feedback about what you see as development synergies and potential additional features. See the DuraCloud wiki for technical documentation and links to download the code:
The DuraCloud open source platform enables cloud storage across multiple commercial and non-commercial providers and offers a cloud-based services framework focused on preservation support and data access for reuse and sharing. Features include replication, image transformation, bit integrity checking, image viewing, media streaming and general compute processing.
For more information about DuraCloud Open Source please attend the free DuraSpace/ORACLE-sponsored “All About Repositories” web seminar on July 28 at 2:00 pm EDT (tomorrow) presented by Michele Kimpton, CBO DuraSpace. Register here:
About DuraCloud
DuraCloud is a hosted service focused on providing preservation support and access tools to academic libraries, academic research centers, and other cultural heritage organizations.
The service builds on pure cloud-based storage available from expert storage providers by overlaying the access functionality and preservation support tools that are essential to ensuring long-term access and durability. DuraCloud offers cloud storage across multiple commercial and non commercial providers, and offers compute services that are key to unlocking the value of digital content stored in the cloud. DuraCloud provides services that enable digital preservation, data access, transformation, and data sharing. DuraCloud is appropriate for individuals, single institutions, or for multiple organizations that want to use cross-institutional infrastructure.
DuraCloud has been in a pilot program phase funded by the Library of Congress’s National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP), to utilize and give feedback on the DuraCloud platform since the beginning of Fall 2009. The first three pilot partners identified were New York Public Library, the Biodiversity Heritage Library, and WGBH Educational Foundation. These three partners were chosen because they were already managing and preserving large amounts of content in a repository and were facing several challenges where cloud infrastructure could provide a possible solution. The DuraSpace not-for-profit organization will release the DuraCloud service in early 2011.
About DuraSpace
DuraSpace is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. DuraSpace software and services are used worldwide as solutions for open access, institutional repositories, digital libraries, digital archives, data curation, virtual research environments, and more.  DuraSpace provides leadership and innovation in the use of open source and cloud-based technologies to serve libraries, universities, research centers, cultural heritage institutions, and other knowledge stewards.  The organization’s open source technology portfolio includes the DSpace open access repository application, the Fedora open repository platform, and the Mulgara semantic database.  DuraSpace is the home of DuraCloud, an emerging cloud-based service that leverages existing cloud infrastructure to enable durability and access to digital content.  The DuraSpace team includes recognized leaders and experts in the management of digital information.  The team works with an active and diverse international community committed to the durability of digital resources.
The DuraSpace technology portfolio inherently addresses the issue of durability of digital content.  Our values are expressed in our organizational byline, “open technologies for durable digital content.