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NEWS RELEASE: Fedora Repository 3.4 Release Candidate 1 Released July 2, 2010

From Steve Bayliss, Fedora 3.4 Release Manager
Ithaca, NY Fedora 3.4-RC1 is now available for download from the main Fedora Repository page at  Release 3.3 of Fedora will continue to be available from this page until the final version of Fedora 3.4 is released, which we are aiming to do in August.
Although a minor release, this version includes a number of exciting new features and bug fixes that make Fedora an ever more compelling repository platform.
You are encouraged to download this new release and give it a spin.  Please let us have your comments and feedback via the mailing lists, and of course please let us know of any problems you discover.
As this is a Release Candidate, testing has not been as rigorous as the testing normally carried out for a final release, although it has been tested on a number of different platforms.  Therefore for production use we would recommend that you use Fedora 3.3.
Some of the important new features in this release are:
DC, RELS-EXT, RELS-INT as Managed Content: The Dublin Core and Relationships datastreams can now be stored as Managed Content, improving performance particularly when these datastreams are large
REST API relationships methods: New methods in the REST API for adding and manipulating relationships in RELS-EXT and RELS-INT

Enhanced Content Models: Including the ability to validate objects against their content models, and support for optional datastreams

Optimistic Locking: The REST API now provides support for optimistic locking to ensure no-one else has made a change to an object since you started editing it

FeSL Authentication: FeSL Authentication can now be used independently of FeSL’s experimental authorization mechanism, and is now the default authentication mechanism (although the old mechanism can be specified during installation). FeSL Authorization is still disabled by default.

Logging reconfiguration without restart: Using the new SLF4J and Logback logging framework, logging configuration changes now become effective without having to restart the server

REST API improvements and bug fixes: further stabilizing the REST API

Deprecation of “LITE” APIs: As of this release, the API-A-LITE and API-M-LITE APIs are deprecated, and will be removed in a future release. You are encouraged to migrate any code using these APIs to use the new REST API.

Full release notes for this release are available from
Java package naming and Java version

As of release 3.4, Java 5 (JDK 1.5) is no longer supported. Java 6 (JDK 1.6) or later is required both to build and run Java package names have undergone a thorough revision for this release. If you have your own code built against Fedora libraries and you update these to use the libraries from this version you will need to update your code to use the new package names.
Many thanks to all of you who have made this release possible, not only those who have contributed directly to the code for this release, but also those of you who have provided comments and feedback on the mailing lists and raised issues in JIRA.  We rely on the continued involvement of those who use Fedora to continue to make the project a success.