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Let’s Talk About Leveraging News and Information Content at OR10

Ithaca, NY There is a lot of “news about news” circulating–should it be sustained, if so, how, and what does “news” mean in an age of personal RSS feeds that broadcast everything from breakfast cereal preferences to opinions on politics and technology? The scope of “what’s happening in the world” is rapidly shrinking to the size of our personal networks which vary in significance depending on who you are and what your sphere of influence encompasses. Major newspapers are struggling to maintain revenues in a rapidly evolving marketplace of segmented news where they compete for attention with citizen news reports in every field covering multitudes of topics.

At the same time knowledge organizations are concerned with adding value to scholarly, scientific and cultural content in the form of contextual information about collections and resources, calling attention to technical developments, and by sharing news about events and achievements. Paying for news gathering and dissemination activities in lean budget years is, however, challenging.  Should repository managers and library directors use their time to broadcast about what they are doing or should they actually do it? Where does organizational news and information fit in to the general distributed news landscape?

On 6/6/10 Slashdot ran an item from the “some-patients-are-beyond-treatment dept.” entitled “Google’s Plan To Save the News Through Reinvention.” Though Google does not create news stories, it indexes and ranks them for publication through Google News. A recent article in The Atlantic, “How to Save the News” by James Fallows, reviews the Google strategy and refers to the “troubled ecology of news.” Not surprisingly Google feels that the ailing patient might be saved by using more Google online services.

The economic plight of news organizations in the U.S. even inspired the FTC to gather and propose industry-created suggestions. These “solutions” are offered in support of keeping streams of impartially researched, vetted and edited news alive in support of public policy and democratic processes.

Please join an OR10 Birds of a Feather (BoF) on Tuesday, July 6 at 11:30 a.m. ( for a session entitled “Getting the Word Out: Strategic Content Partnerships Across Communities” organized by Carol Minton Morris, Director of Marketing and Communications, DuraSpace.

We will discuss how can we more effectively propagate organizational news and information. Can we make content automate, multiply and work harder as we push it out through smaller pipes, more frequently and with fewer resources by establishing “strategic content partnerships?”

• Groups and organizations whose news and information align in some ways could become “strategic content partners” in order to collaboratively research, write, share and distribute timely and relevant items of interest to our communities through our collective lists, news feeds and channels. Is this a useful concept? What would it take to form “strategic content partnerships”?

• Participants will “pitch” informal story ideas for discussion and feedback. We will then mix and match ideas, and talk about how we might use story ideas generated by the group to test the concept of “strategic content partnerships.”

Contact Carol Minton Morris ( with questions. See you in Madrid!