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Coming Up: Oracle-DuraSpace “All About Repositories” Web Seminars–Repositories and Cloud Services for Data Cyberinfrastructure

Ithaca, NY To strengthen, engage and provide professional learning opportunities for repository user and developer communities, topics and issues of interest will been presented in the free, “All About Repositories” web seminar series offered by Oracle and Duraspace throughout 2010.
The series kicks off with a 45 minute presentation entitled “Repositories and Cloud Services for Data Cyberinfrastructure” by Sandy Payette, CEO DuraSpace, on June 23 at 11 am PT; 2:00 pm EDT, (register here) that will take a historical look at the emergence of infrastructure–electric grids, railways, and the Internet.
The development of these different types of infrastructures reveals that a key developmental stage has been reached when formerly incompatible or stand-alone systems are interconnected via adapters and gateways. We see this in the digital repository domain, where the notion of a digital repository began as a predominantly institutional phenomenon, or in certain cases a disciplinary phenomenon, but is now evolving to a point where repositories are becoming integrated components of larger systems and distributed infrastructure. At the same time, we see the emergence of cloud technologies that offer large-scale storage and compute capabilities, but with open questions on how well the cloud will meet the requirements of digital preservation and data archiving.
In this session, Payette will discuss how the DuraSpace not-for-profit organization is working to evolve open source repositories and cloud services to serve as core components within emerging data cyber infrastructure. In collaboration with the Fedora and DSpace communities, DuraSpace is positioning repositories and cloud services to become part of a distributed data curation and archiving fabric that encompasses both institutional systems and the Web. She will also provide highlights from the DuraSpace partnership with the Data Conservancy, an NSF-funded Datanet project.
Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Time: 11:00 PST/2:00 EDT
Register here