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Exploring Integration of DSpace and Fedora

Ithaca, NY At OR10, the Fifth Annual International Open Repositories Conference (July 6-9, 2010, Madrid), DuraSpace will recommend that the DSpace community begin to work more closely with the Fedora community to allow DSpace software to run “on top of” the Fedora platform. Essentially, this would mean that the DSpace application would have an option to install it with “Fedora Inside.”
As a part of this proposal, DuraSpace is looking for community input, feedback, and volunteers to help investigate how best to integrate these two platforms.
To begin generating discussion, DuraSpace has created an initial FAQ to introduce potential approaches to integrating DSpace with the Fedora platform. This FAQ details the proposed integration strategy, perceived benefits, and what a potential end result may look like.
Please note that this FAQ is an early draft–feedback and comments are most welcome! Contact Tim Donohue (tdonohue duraspace org) or Valorie Hollister (vhollister duraspace org) if you have additions or changes you would  like to see in this FAQ.