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DSpace 1.6.1 is released

Today we’d like to announce the official release of DSpace 1.6.1!
DSpace 1.6.1 can be downloaded immediately at either of the following locations:

DSpace 1.6.1 is primarily a bug-fix release, which means it does not introduce any new features but improves existing features and fixes
bugs discovered in earlier versions of DSpace. This is also the first [minor] version of DSpace to use a “time-driven” approach to release, rather than a “feature-driven” approach: we set a deadline and worked towards releasing on that date, instead of releasing when a certain number of issues were resolved. DSpace 1.7 will be the first major time-driven release.
Fixed issues
42 issues were fixed in DSpace 1.6.1. The full list can be reviewed here:
The DSpace application would not exist without the hard work and support of the community.
We’d like to extend gratitude to all the developers who worked hard to fix issues discovered in 1.6.0 and earlier versions of DSpace. Big
thanks also go out to those who reported bugs, helped test patches and gave their feedback to developers. Also, thanks to Jeffrey Trimble for his continued work as the DSpace “documentation gardener”, ensuring that all our documentation is updated and accurate. Last but not least, we’d like to thank Kim Shepherd for coordinating the 1.6.1 release and ensuring it was delivered on time.
A full list of people who contributed code to DSpace 1.6.1 can be found at:
Give yourselves and your colleagues a pat on the back today! Again, none of this could have happened without your hard work and support.
Thanks again! Enjoy DSpace 1.6.1, and let us know what you think!
The DSpace Developers