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DLib Magazine: A Look at Digital Library Development in China

Ithaca, NY Laurence Lannom, Director of Information Management Technology and Vice President at the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), has edited the May-June Special Issue of DLib Magazine on Digital Libraries in China ( which are “extensive and growing.”
In Overview of Digital library Development in China author Xihui Zhen points out that national efforts may benefit from successful smaller-scale university, college and industry digital collection building efforts because their smaller focus makes them easier to manage and maintain.
Beginning in 1996 the Chinese government launched various digital library projects to test methods for managing information and providing online services.  Xihui Zhen notes a corresponding increase in investigation into digital library methods and concepts indicated because, “Research theses relating to digital libraries has almost doubled every year since 1994.” Several projects that have had a major impact on future directions of digital libray development in China are profiled. Three issues that hamper digital library growth in China include lack of overall coordinated planning and collaboration, lack of open and interoperable standards, and intellectual rights in digital library development.