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DSpace 1.6.1 Bug-fix Release in Final Test Stages

Ithaca, NY Kim Shepherd, DSpace 1.6.1 Release Coordinator, has announced that DSpace 1.6.1 will be released shortly, and this week the software moves into the final stages of testing. The folks at DuraSpace have just upgraded to the pre-release version of 1.6.1, so it’s now online and available for testing.
DSpace 1.6.1 is a bug-fix only release which resolves over 30 bugs/issues in our 1.6.0 release.  More info on the 1.6.1 release can be found on our 1.6.1 Release Notes page:
Feel free to try things out — if this is your first time trying DSpace 1.6, there are a number of new features which were introduced in 1.6.0 (see the 1.6.0 Release notes:
You’d also be doing the community a huge favour by reporting any problems you encounter while trying things out!
If you notice any features that don’t work properly, an unexpected change in behaviour, or anything else you think could be a bug, please don’t hesitate to email or create an issue in
DSpace 1.6.1 XML (Manakin) interface:
DSpace 1.6.1 JSP (Traditional) interface: