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Geosemantics Summit: “Making Location Count”

From Josh Lieberman, Chair, OGC Geosemantics Domain Working Group
Silver Spring, MD On Monday afternoon, June 14, a Geosemantics Summit will be held in Silver Spring, MD. This session will be associated with the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) Technical Committee meeting, but is open to OGC members and non-members alike.
The session is motivated by two trends in geosemantics. The first is the increasing federation of disparate geospatial services and data across domain and community boundaries. GEOSS (Global Earth Observing System of Systems) is an example of this, but there are many others. As a result, there are increasing needs to perform semantic mediation between the concepts and vocabularies brought into these federations in order for discovery and exploitation of geodata resources to be successful. Many of these terms and the relationships between them are spatially meaningful but have little in the way of a consistent geosemantic basis for successful mediation to occur.
The second trend of interest is publication of linked geodata. Just “putting it out there and see what happens” has enormous potential for geospatial enablement and fusion, as well as enormous potential for confusion and duplication as link scheme development and “triplification” are carried out in many different ways.
The goal of the summit is to look at these and other trends in the application of geosemantics,  then start to build a reference model for the use and adaptation of OGC standards to further them.
Everyone interested in contributing to this work or learning about it is welcome to attend. Proposals for presentations relevant to the session themes are also welcome. Please contact Josh Lieberman ( for further information.