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For Your Weekend Repository Browsing Pleasure: “Minds@UW”

Ithaca, NY The DSpace repository “Minds@UW” ( makes the digital scholarly record of the University of Wisconsin available while preserving valuable content. UW is comprised of 15 campuses in every part of the state. Each campus is represented by its own “mindshare” in this repository.
A dive into this interesting collection of open content includes journals, theses, images, multimedia and more:
The Bentley Collection
Wilson Bentley took 5,000 photographs of snowflakes long before modern photographic lenses and techniques made this kind of undertaking simple. Bentley adapted a microscope to a bellows camera and took his first photograph of a snowflake while still a teenager in 1885. Prior to Bentley’s pioneering efforts no one had ever seen a photograph of a snowflake.
Wilson made this comment in an article published in the journal Technical World (1910), ‘Here is a gem bestrewn realm of nature possessing the charm of mystery, of the unknown, sure richly to reward the investigator.” The University of Wisconsin-Madison Library has made the digital version of this historically significant and beautiful collection openly available online since 2002.