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DuraSpace GSOC10 Students Announced

Ithaca, NY Mark Diggory, Head of U.S. Operations, @mire, has announced accepted students for Google Summer of Code™. Congratulations to all the students accepted for this year’s program. The students accepted to this years DSpace GSoC 2010 may seem
familiar, we have two returning students, Andrius and Bojan who will be working further on integrating their previous projects into the next DSpace release.
GSOC10 - Add Unit Testing to DSpace
Dspace currently lacks unit testing, which harms the development of the platform and makes easier to reintroduce past bugs while developing. This project is a proposal to add a set of unit test classes to Dspace, based on JUnit, plus some tools that detect issues
in the code so we can improve its quality. - Pere Villega
GSOC10 - Backport of DSpace 2 Storage Services API for DSpace 1.x
DSpace 2.0 storage mechanism provides convenient way to store DSpace contents in various storage solutions. It is based on set of interfaces for which various implementations are possible and some beta releases already exist (Jackrabbit, Fedora, etc). DSpace 2.0 is
in its early stages of development and DSpace 1.x releases yet can not take advantage of this new mechanism. To fix this, it is necessary to port DSpace 2.0 storage interfaces to 1.x. I propose implementing this backport. - Andrius Blazinskas
Integration, testing, documentation and further development of DSpace REST services for 1.x and 2.0 versions. - Bojan Suzic
GSOC10 - Storage Service Implementations Based on Semantic Content Repository
Develop DSpace storage service implementations based on semantic content repositories (TripleStore). - Yigang Zhou
Team Project Strategy:
DSpace will, this year, attempt to pair mentor/student teams together where projects overlap. The goal being to assure that individual projects are aware of each other and solution sets are synergistic. We expect not to allow projects to go off and work privately this year. We think previous years have suffered because the students did not actually assist one another int he process of vetting their work, thus this year we are exploring setting up a requirement that students participate in group IRC meetings in a manner that will challenge them to interact with both mentors and other students to evaluate each others work.
We will attempt to use JIRA for Each Project. Student and Mentor work together to create tasks with time estimates that the student and other mentors can participate on. Likewise, we will use the new Confluence WIKI Space to manage all projects documentation. Finally, all projects must exist in the repository.
This year we have a new listserv to manage mentor student communication: but we still highly recommned that students and mentors utilize interaction with the community wherever appropriate on the traditional DSpace listserv and IRC channels.
DSpace developers List
Please be sure to use the *dspace-devel at* listserv for getting feedback, technical details and project development with the whole community.
* [Sign up for ‘dspace-devel’|]
There are two dedicated DSpace IRC (internet relay chat) channels (i.e. “rooms”) on the server:
•[irc://] \- all ad hoc DSpace discussions and live Q & A (this channel is not logged)
•[irc://] \- official, scheduled meetings often will take place in this logged channel (this channel is shared with other [DuraSpace|] technology projects)
This Years Calendar:
•Now - May 25th Community/Student Bonding Period
•May 24 Initial Payment Issued
•May 25 Official GSoC Start Date
•July 12 19:00 Mid-Term Evaluations Start
•July 16 19:00 Google Mid-Term Payments / Mid-term Evaluations Deadline
•July 17 Second Half Begins
•August 9, 2010 Suggested ‘Pencils Down’
•August 16, 2010 19:00 Firm ‘Pencils Down’
•August 20, 2010 19:00 Final Evaluation Deadline / Final Payment Issued
•August 23, 2010 Final Results Announced