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Put Your Oar in the Water: Get Involved in Fedora 3.4 Development

Ithaca, NY Steve Bayliss, Fedora 3.4 release manager, has announced that scheduling and planning for the next minor release of Fedora, version 3.4, is currently underway and reminds the community that their participation and feedback are vital to ensure that Fedora continues to meet the needs and objectives of its users. A beta version of Fedora 3.4 is scheduled for release in time for the Fifth International Open Repositories Conference that will be held 2010 in early July in Madrid. A final release is scheduled for early August.
The Fedora committer team, therefore, invites your participation and feedback on the items you would like to see included in this next release of Fedora.
A wiki page has been created with details of how you can help this release by participating here:
Your help and assistance would be valued in the following ways:

Issues have been included based on their priority, the number of votes received, and their overall architectural fit.  It is not anticipated that all of these issues will be addressed in time for the release,
and we would therefore invite you to vote for issues that are particularly significant to you so that we can use this information in guiding the planning for this release.
If you have a JIRA account already, once you are signed in you will see a “Vote for it” link when viewing an issue, under “Operations” in the left-hand pane.
If you do not have a JIRA account, you can create one by following the registration link!default.jspa.
Raising new issues
If there are bugs you would like to see resolved or new features that you would like to see included in a future release of Fedora, and these do not appear to be covered by existing JIRA issues, then please
go ahead and create new JIRA issues for these, or alternatively post the details to the list.
Participation in resolving issues
As an open-source community project, we encourage active participation in resolving open issues.  You don’t have to be a committer to contribute - any contribution from anyone is appreciated.  If you
would like to help out with any of the issues listed at, then please get in touch by posting to the list, by attending a committer meeting or by emailing one of the committers.