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NEW Blog from the DuraSpace Preservation & Archiving Solution Community

Ithaca, NY Like any marvelous, rare and sometimes surprising museum artifact or exhibit, certain online resources can stop you in your tracks, make your heart beat faster, and cause a slow smile to spread as you gape at a flickering screen that displays something you had never known about or considered before. Most of us have had this kind of exciting online experience that causes time to stand still as you dive deeper through links and related information to find all all there is to know about our  digital discoveries.

Digital objects and materials have the power to shift human understanding by their existence and by their accessibility. When they are lost or forgotten we lose the ability to connect with the past, with different points of view, and with people. That’s why the DuraSpace Preservation and Archiving Solution Community has launched the DuraPres blog as a vehicle for an open exchange of ideas and initiatives around preservation & archiving solutions.
Read Ron Janz’s premier post “Digital Preservation and the Challenge” here, and be sure to add your comments!
More information about the DuraSpace Preservation & Archiving Solution Community is available here: