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Changing Role of Libraries in Scholarship

Ithaca, NY On April 7, 2010 Ithaka S+R, part of the Ithaka organization ( develops sustainable business models and conducts research and analysis on the impact of digital media on the academic community, released a report that examines faculty attitudes and behaviors on key library-related issues ranging from the library as information gateway and the need for preservation of scholarly material, to faculty engagement with institutional and disciplinary repositories and open access. For the first time Ithaka also looked at the role that scholarly societies play and their value to faculty. Read the report here:
In a blog post at “the scholarly kitchen: what’s hot and cooking in scholarly publishing,” author Kent Anderson suggests that report findings show:
“…librarians and traditional library roles are slowly being disintermediated, even among researchers in the humanities (stalwarts up until recently), while open access values are unlikely to sway a scholar from publishing in an established paid publication with better reach and prestige. “
Ithaka is sponsoring a series of web seminars for those interested in learning more about the report:
Chapter 1: Discovery and the Evolving Role of the Library - April 20 (register here)
Chapter 2: The Format Transition for Scholarly Works - April 29 (register here)
Chapter 3: Scholarly Communications - May (register here)