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International Cross-project Development Team Kicks Off Coordination Sessions in London

Ithaca, NY In February the DuraSpace organization hosted a meeting in London co-sponsored by JISC, BDL (Indiana), and CLIR which was attended by representatives from the California Digital Library (CDL), DSpace, DuraCloud, Fedora, Sakai, SWORD, and OJS projects.  This rapid fire, one day cross-project coordination meeting was held in association with JISC’s Developer Days conference to engage developers in looking for areas of convergence. The goal of the meeting was to provide for the discovery of common interests, requirements, and initiatives, and to begin to get them connected.
An open and wide ranging discussion on techniques, and opportunities for collaboration touched on areas including future versions of SWORD; the range of abstracted storage systems emerging beneath digital repositories; common platforms and technologies; initial conversations about workflow tools across web based systems; and identifiers for researchers, authors, and contributors.
A follow-up cross-project coordination meeting will precede Open Repositories 2010 in Madrid, and will continue to explore common ideas among these major authoring, preservation and delivery platforms and organizations. Contact Brad McLean, DuraSpace CTO, for more information.