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DSpace Wiki Now on Confluence

By Valorie Hollister, DuraSpace Director of Community Development and DSpace Project
Ithaca, NY The DSpace team has announced that the DSpace wiki migration from MediaWiki to Confluence is complete.
The new wiki on Confluence is now available for the community to use at: The old wiki on MediaWiki is still available in “read only” status at:
Please note that clean up on the new wiki following the migration is on-going. Some of the formatting, links, file attachments, table of contents, etc, need to be fixed by manually editing each page. Many of the most popularly visited pages have already been fixed–but we need community members to pitch in and continue with the cleanup. If you have wiki pages you reference frequently, please lend a hand by fixing those pages.
The best way to help with the clean up is to visit a page and see if there are any strange formatting, missing table of contents, bad links or missing attachments. The DSpace Confluence Migration summary page ( lists the top 150 most-accessed pages in this wiki and indicate which pages have been reviewed so far. You can reference the same page on the old wiki (at so you can see what the page is supposed to look like, link to, etc. We have created a reference for common fixes we’ve encountered at There is also a formatting style guide at to provide some hints on using the Confluence formating editor. Please feel free to make any helpful additions to any of the reference pages above.
Thanks in advance for your help with the wiki clean up!