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Developers Meet in London to Discuss Fedora’s Future

Ithaca, NY Earlier this spring a group of Fedora developers and “committers” (those who contribute open source code to help improve Fedora repository software for the entire community) gathered in London for two-day, face-to-face talks around high priority issues that had been jointly identified by attendees prior to the meeting. Content modeling architecture, module architecture, storage and interfaces were key agenda topics that were introduced by developers who presented their investigations and thinking on each topic area. By the end of the second day the group had summarized discussions and identified leads to take responsibility for driving work forward around each high priority issue.
An in-depth summary of the meeting by Chris Wilper, DuraSpace technical lead and developer, including presentations may be found here: The “followup” link under each section goes to an in-development page where work is continuing.
All active Fedora committers were able meet each other face-to-face at the largest Fedora repository committer meeting held to date. Valuable, in-depth discussions allowed the group to reach consensus on specific items that need to be completed in all major topic areas. The community can look forward to ongoing releases guided by a community-driven roadmap towards improved Fedora repository software for everyone.