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Take DSpace for a Test Drive on the Updated Demo Server

Ithaca, NY The DSpace team announced today that an updated DSpace Demonstration Repository running DSpace 1.6.0 is now available for the community to use.  The DSpace Demonstration Repository is a good place to run demonstrations, or to use as a sandbox for testing DSpace software before installing it.
This demonstration site provides a sample repository with new DSpace 1.6.0 features enabled.  This demonstration site also includes all DSpace interfaces (JSPUI, XMLUI, SWORD, OAI-PMH, LNI), connected to the same underlying database (so items created via XMLUI will also appear under JSPUI).
You will also find that (if you visit the JSPUI or XMLUI) there are pre-established user logins which allow you to browse/use the repository as any of the following roles:
• DSpace Administrator
• DSpace Community Administrator (manage a community, and all
subcommunities, collections & items in it)
• DSpace Collection Administrator (manage a collection & items in it)
• DSpace Submitter (can only submit new items)
DuraSpace is committed to maintaining this demonstration repository for at least the next three months. After that period, we will reassess whether or not to keep this site up permanently, or whether to temporarily bring it down until the next release of DSpace. Of course, we are hopeful that this demonstration site will receive enough interest and usage to warrant continued availability. We’ll let the DSpace Community know once any final decision has been made.
The DSpace team will not be actively monitoring the content or activities on this server. If you notice any problems or spam content, we ask that you either remove it (login as the sample Admin and delete it), or contact us via the DSpace Feedback Form.
We encourage you to use the DSpace Demonstration Repository, and please let us know what you think!