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A Growing DSpace Committers Team

From Tim Donohue on behalf of the DSpace Committers Group
We welcome to Peter Dietz, Robin Taylor, and Keith Gilbertson to the DSpace Committers team. These individuals were nominated by three different members of our DSpace Community.  All have shown great initiative in volunteering their time to help out DSpace Software and our DSpace Community.
Peter Dietz is the Systems Developer/Engineer for Ohio State University’s DSpace instance, The Knowledge Bank ( Peter is a recent addition to our DSpace community, but he has jumped straight in and has been actively assisting the DSpace Community in #dspace IRC, JIRA and our mailing lists. He was also instrumental in helping to test/debug the new DSpace 1.6 Statistics engine (especially its ability to load large amounts of data from existing dspace log files) during the most recent Testathons.
Robin Taylor is a developer at the Edinburgh University Library, where his primary role is to maintain and develop their various installations of DSpace.  This includes not only the Edinburgh University Library’s Edinburgh Research Archive (, but also a number of other DSpace installations for partners within the Scottish Digital Library consortium (  Robin has been active within the DSpace community for several years now, helping out on mailing lists, providing bug reports / patches, and helping to ask some tricky questions.  He was also instrumental in developing a new Item type-based Submission module for DSpace (one that we are hopeful will be formally released in a future version of DSpace):
Keith Gilbertson is the technical lead for the Georgia Institute of Technology’s GALILEO Knowledge Repository (, based on DSpace technology and sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).  Previous to this position, Keith assisted in the construction of OhioLINK’s DSpace-based Digital Resource Commons project (  Since 2007, Keith has been actively helping out on mailing lists and providing bug reports/patches to DSpace.  Most recently, he was also a very active participant in both of our 1.6 Testathons.
Please join us in congratulating and welcoming these new DSpace Committers.