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What is DuraCloud?

DuraCloud is a hosted service and open technology that enables organizations and end users to use cloud services. It is a cloud-based service that leverages existing cloud infrastructure to enable durability and access to digital content. The service is particularly focused on meeting requirements for academic, scientific, and cultural heritage. DuraCloud leaves the basics of pure storage to those who do it best (storage providers) and overlays storage solutions with additional functionality that is essential to ensuring long-term access and ease of use. DuraCloud offers cloud storage, plus replication of content across multiple providers. Once digital content is stored in the cloud, compute services are the key to unlocking its value. DuraCloud provides services that enable digital preservation, data access, transformation, and data sharing. DuraCloud offers customers an elastic capacity with a "pay as you go" approach. It is appropriate for individuals, single institutions, or for multiple organizations that want to make use of cross-institutional infrastructure. DuraCloud has been in a pilot phase during Fall 2009. Plans are to release DuraCloud as a service hosted by the DuraSpace not-for-profit organization in Summer 2011.

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