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Texas Water Research Online

Ithaca, NY Water resources research, planning and management are big issues in Texas where population growth and the search for new sources of water have put pressure on policy makers to monitor the balance between environmental, human, agricultural and economic development priorities. To gather available research together in one knowledge base on Mar. 9, 2010 the Texas Digital Library announced that they are “Developing a new collaborative resource for sharing water data across the state of Texas. A model for the cooperative efforts of the Texas Digital Library, the TWDL will electronically harvest these resources from cooperating institutions (using a technology called OAI-ORE) and deposit them in a TDL-hosted DSpace repository. This federated repository will create a single place for researchers to search for water data from every part of the state: the Texas Water Digital Library (TWDL).” –Tex Libris, University of Texas Libraries,