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NITLE Takes Manakin Out of the Box

Information for this blog post was contributed by Eric Jansson, NITLE (National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education)
Ithaca, NY Manakin ( is a user interface developed by Texas A&M University which is part of the DSpace open source repository application. Manakin makes it possible for each community and collection within DSpace to establish a unique look-and-feel that might extend outside of DSpace into an existing web presence. Recently NITLE sponsored a short-term project to investigate the utility of the Manakin toolkit and the resources necessary to employ Manakin, particularly for smaller institution DSpace repositories. NITLE has shared the results of their investigations for the benefit of other repository communities.
The project involved rapid development of two themes…
1) An image gallery theme:
2) A prototype of a TEI object viewer: (generates HTML display from Text Encoding Initiative transcripts and markup)
…and a report on the work: with a focus on the resources needed to use Manakin and key decisions in so doing.
The image gallery code is online: and linked from the DSpace wiki:
The National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) is a community-based, non-profit initiative that helps liberal arts colleges and universities explore and implement digital technologies.  More information about NITLE may be found here: