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For Your Weekend Repository Browsing Pleasure: Do the Digital Forsyth “Daily Shuffle”

Ithaca, NY  Wake Forest University is the home of “Digital Forsyth”(, a digital library comprised of photographs held by multiple institutions in Forsyth County, North Carolina. This Web site offers weekend browsers an opportunity to explore a small and fascinating bit of North Carolina’s cultural, historical and scientific heritage (for example, they can fry anything in Forsyth County). At Digital Forsyth community members offer visitors snapshots of their shared history in a DSpace repository. Users are invited to “Leave your comments, share your memories, and reminisce on our site,” and check out the daily “shuffle” of resources offered as a new way to browse the site.
Digital Forsyth organizations (Wake Forest University, Old Salem Museums and Gardens, Winston Salem State University, and Forsyth County Public Library) cataloged over 12000 digital images in DSpace which were then exported from, and made accessible via a blog ( By using open source software for the entire project (DSpace for cataloging and digital curation, Wordpress for public searching and community services such as commenting and tagging) and open access policies to provide access to the collection, they have created a digital library system that brings the community into the collection building process and allows multiple institutions to collaborate in cataloging.