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Looking Forward to DEV8D: “Unconference Within a Conference”

Ithaca, NY If you take the DEV8D symbol “8D” and turn it 90 degrees counter-clockwise you get a laughing face, which is suitable for an unconference structured around a program especially designed to make developers happy. How do the organizers know this phenomena is real? At the 2009 event attendees collaborated on the development of a “Happyness-o-meter” to find out exactly how happy the event made attendees. (Organizers used a service created by Sam Easterby-Smith on day two of the conference to collect metrics via twitter and provide feedback to participants.)
To find out more about DEV8D 2010 visit the wiki: If you are planning on attending DEV8D from February 24-27 in London here are the suggested ways to prepare:

  • Sign up for Twitter we’ll be using it for lotsa stuff.
  • Register on this wiki (or sign in with your twitter account on the login page)
  • Start work on cool tools for the event.
  • List any things (old tech, text books) you’d like to find a home for on the Freecycle page.
  • Pick a good book or two you don’t mind giving away on our Book Crossing shelf.