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Fedora-based University of Wisconsin Library Prototype for All UW Digital Collections

Madison, WI The long-term goal of migrating their digital collection, currently in production at University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries, to an all-Fedora enabled repository system, mapped onto production workflows with many moving parts and pieces inspired the development of prototype site. Fedora’s scalability was tested by ingesting about 30,000 digital objects from representative collections:
Of particular interest is the digital collection constructed for the UW Zoology Museum ( which contains images used by Zoology class labs last semester:
UW Libraries will migrate over two million digital objects from their digital collections to a Fedora-based infrastructure over the next few years. Scott Prater, Library, Instructional, and Research Applications (LIRA) Division of Information Technology (DoIT), University of Wisconsin - Madison reports that recent work aimed at boosting performance with a Memcached distributed caching server has proven to be easy to set up as a memory-based object store. Each time an image or METS file is requested, the web service queries the cache before going back to Fedora.
Fedora content models are being used in the prototype in the following ways:
For more information please contact Scott Prater.