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E-Arts and Humanities at King’s College

From Thorsten Reimer
London, UK ( is hub for research and teaching in the digital arts and humanities developed by the Centre for e-Research (CeRch) at King’s College London (KCL). Projects include the following new initiatives:
• High Throughput Humanities e-Research (HiTHeR) and FReSH (Forging Restful Services for e-Humanities)
HiTHeR created a prototype system for analysing the Nineteenth Century Serials Edition (NCSE) corpus that contains approximately 430,000 articles digitised from several 19th Century periodicals. The follow-on project, FReSH expands upon this work by incorporating tools that support deep analysis of the textual content.
More information:
• Mapping Medieval Chester
The project asks questions about how medieval inhabitants imagined and represented the urban space around them. A key aspect of the project is to integrate geographical and literary mappings of medieval Chester using cartographic and textual sources and to understand more how about urban landscapes were navigated by inhabitants.
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Read more on these and over 300 other projects in our projecs catalogue, including information on the digital resources created and the methods and tools used in the research.