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DSpace 1.6 Release Update

Ithaca, NY Thanks to everyone for their participation and help during the DSpace 1.6.0 Testathon in December. During the Testathon we came across a total of 34 different bugs, found by over 10 different testers.  Although this may sound like a lot of bugs, our team of volunteer developers have already fixed many of them and are actively working to fix the rest in the coming weeks.
In particular we would also like to recognize and thank those institutions and developers who hosted DSpace 1.6.0 test instances during the Testathon:
• University of Auckland (Stuart Lewis)
• University of Dortmund (Claudia Jürgen)
• University of Toronto (Gabriela Mircea)
DSpace developers have agreed on a tentative roadmap to release DSpace 1.6.0 as follows:
(1) Release a 1.6 RC2 (Release Candidate 2) before end of January
(2) Short testing period of 1.6RC2 at end of January and early February
(3) Release DSpace 1.6.0 in mid-February
These dates are still tentative, but the goal is to have 1.6.0 available for download in February. Thanks again for helping to make DSpace 1.6 better!