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Fedora 3.3 Release: Call for Participation

Ithaca NY, Boston, MA Kai Strnad, Fedora Commons 3.3 Community Release Manager, announced the code freeze for Fedora Commons 3.3 on December 7, 2009. The community is invited and encouraged to visit the Community Contributors page ( to find out how to help out with a particular known issue, or any other issue you would like to see see addressed.

Code freeze is regularly one of the last steps in the release cycle and is intended to ensure a stable and well rounded release. During code freeze no new features will be added. This is an important step towards the final release that’s now scheduled for December 18th, 2009. The focus during the remaining time will be on stability and documentation exclusively.

If you’d like to help out there is a wiki page available with new features and bug fixes that need testing. There’s also a page that lists changes and improvements of the current documentation that still need to be done. As always, all contributions are appreciated.