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Week-long D-Space 1.6 “Testathon” Underway

Stuart Lewis, DSpace 1.6 Community Release Manager, announced that the week-long DSpace 1.6 testathon ‘The Big Bug Hunt’ is underway. So far  9 bugs, ranging from inconsistencies in the documentation, bugs in the jspui and xmlui, and suggestions for improvements to email notifications have been reported. The more that are gathered, the better DSpace 1.6 will be.
Please join in with the testathon…
WHO: You! Everyone is invited to take part, and we’ve make it as easy as possible for you to have access to a DSpace 1.6 test system.
WHAT: Help us to put DSpace 1.6 through its paces to try and find any remaining bugs. It will also allow you to try out some of the new features in version 1.6 such as embargoes, statistics, batch metadata editing, devolved community administration, authority control, and much, much more!
WHEN: Monday 7th to Friday 11th December 2009
WHY: The more people who test it, the more bugs we’ll find, and the better quality the final release will be.
HOW: See for details. You are also encouraged to download and install DSpace 1.6 yourself if you have the facilities available, or to test an upgrade of a DSpace 1.5 system.