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Cornell University Library Releases DSpace Repository Deposit and Storage Policies

This announcement is forwarded from David Ruddy, Director, E-Publishing Technologies, Division of Library Information Technologies, Cornell University Library (CUL).

Ithaca, NY Since 2003, CUL has offered and maintained a Cornell-wide institutional repository based on the DSpace software. This service was named eCommons@Cornell ( in 2007, and it now holds over 12,000 digital items deposited by a broad range of Cornell community members.
Over the last six months, a group within CUL (listed below) has developed a set of policies and other documents to address issues of content characteristics, deposit, withdrawal, privacy, etc. These policies are now linked off of the eCommons About page (
In general, these new policies and supporting documents formalize procedures and practices that have been followed informally for several years. They emphasize eCommons as a stable and publicly accessible repository of the intellectual output of Cornell. They will help bring uniformity to the deposit and storage of digital content, which in turn will facilitate the long-term management of, and access to, that content.
We expect these policies, as well as the eCommons service, to evolve. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions about eCommons, please feel free to contact David Ruddy.
Contributors to eCommons policy development:
Terry Ehling
Peter Hirtle
Eileen Keating
George Kozak
Oya Rieger
John Saylor
Kizer Walker
Simeon Warner