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DuraSpace Team Update

By Valorie Hollister, Director of Community Development and Director of the DSpace Project, DuraSpace
Ithaca, NY, Boston, MA Tim Donohue officially joined the DuraSpace organization as Technical Lead for the DSpace Project this month. Tim’s focus is to provide guidance and leadership to the DSpace Committers and code contributors as they plan, develop, test and release future versions of DSpace.
As a part of the DuraSpace team, he will also provide technical guidance and help lead strategic DuraSpace initiatives within the DSpace user community. Tim will also work with Fedora developers to find collaborative opportunities between the repository platforms. For more about Tim’s biography and background click here.
Partnered with Tim on the DSpace Team is Valorie Hollister, the Director of Community Development and newly appointed Director of the DSpace Project. Valorie will continue her work with the community, providing guidance and leadership to the broader DSpace community in order to promote and facilitate collaboration of all types. Valorie’s role now also includes DSpace project lead. As the primary point of contact on the DSpace project, she will coordinate closely with Tim to advance the needs of DSpace users.
Together, Valorie, Tim and the rest of the DuraSpace organization aim to be the catalyst for the continued success of open source software development, including the DSpace application, by providing a framework for the long term durability of digital information.