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Fall DSpace User Group Meeting Recap and Survey

By Valorie Hollister, Director of Community Development and Director of the DSpace Project, DuraSpace
Ithaca NY, Boston, MA The DSpace User Group Meeting (DSUG) was an informative and enjoyable even thank to Jonas Gilbert, the DSUG Fall 2009 Program Committee Chairperson, the rest of the Program Committee, the local organizing team, the University of Gothenburg, the City of Gothenburg, Sweden who were sponsors and presenters.
Over 90 participants from 20 different countries attended the fall DSUG 2009 meeting. In addition to the European community, DSpace users from the United States, Brazil, New Zealand and Singapore were in attendance. Copies of the presentations and video recordings are now available for most of the sessions.
Here are some of the highlights:

Opening talk “Stuff I’ve Learned” by invited speaker and one of the original architects of DSpace, Robert Tansley from Google
The DuraSpace Organization: Brad McLean and Valorie Hollister
DSpace RoadMap 2009-2010: Brad McLean
DSpace 1.6: Stuart Lewis
Making Repository Deposit Easier With SWORD & Use Cases: Stuart Lewis and Adrian Stevenson
DuraCloud : Federated Repositories and Cyberinfrastructure Open technologies and services for managing durable data in the cloud: Brad McLean
The BibApp extension: A Campus Research Gateway and Expert Finder: Tim Donohue
DRIVER and COAR: From Infrastructure to Confederation: Eloy Rodrigues
DSpace administration issues: the community admin patch: Andrea Bollini and Tim Donohue
Back-porting DSpace 2.0 Services to DSpace 1.6.0: Mark Diggory
Improving the quality of your metadata: Ben Bosman

Other presentations on use cases on enhanced content for repositories included: video digital library, research data, storing/manipulating enhanced publications and discovery with OAI-ORE, repository integration with research information using SWORD, SKOS thesaurus and authority lists, semantic search and navigation, historical books online, democratizing historical archives, networked/federated repositoriesFor copies of all the presentations and video recordings, click here.
If you attended the conference, your feedback is important! Please complete the brief survey so the DSpace community may continue to improve user meetings.