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Introducing the “Fedora Create” Community

By Thorny Staples, Director of Community Strategy and Alliances and Director of the Fedora Project, DuraSpace
In the continuing effort to move the Fedora project from being the funded development project where it started, to a completely community-based effort, I invite you to visit the new “Software” page on the Fedora Commons web site (
Chris Wilper, Matt Zumwalt and I developed this new way of looking at the Fedora Create community as a whole effort, including both the Fedora Repository Service, and all of the software that everyone is developing on top of it, in one complete view. Please think of it as a starting point, a suggestion for how to proceed. From the software page down, everything is in the Fedora wiki. We want to take a pragmatic view of all of this, the structure we have organized can change as appropriate. We will follow the “wiki gardening” approach, that encourages everyone to add the information that they think is important, not worrying too much about the formalities. Wiki gardeners will come back and re-organize the wiki, weeding and transplanting as necessary and desirable.
The view of the Fedora Create community is presented by sorting the software development into categories to try to make it more manageable. These categories can be tweaked and changed, or added to as necessary. In general, each category includes a registry where everyone can list software that they have developed that they would like to share, as well as areas where we can discuss hot topics, share information about standards, list good ideas for new software, etc. I strongly encourage everyone to tell us about the software that you have developed, are developing or would like to see developed, in each category. Please use the registry to list software projects that are underway, as well as those that are created; it is very useful to all of us to know what people are working on, as well as what is available now.
The core Fedora Repository Service must be treated as a special case in this view of the software and the developers community. It is the foundation for everything that we are doing. We have a committers group that will be the keepers of the core. I am very pleased to be able to say that Chris Wilper has rapidly developed this group to be more community-oriented already. We have 11 committers now, 8 of them are not DuraSpace employees. The next release of Fedora, 3.3, is being managed by Kai Strnad (thanks to FIZ Karlsrhue for giving his time!) and is planned to come out by the end of the year.
It would be good to begin to consolidate our wiki around this evolving model. We have begun to move content from the developers forum area already. The area for ideas and discussion around the repository service is still being developed, but the rest of the Fedora Create area is ready to go. I have moved and updated much of the content model stuff already, and Dan Davis is working on getting all of the info related to workflow issues moved. If any of you has information that you have been building on the wiki, especially recently, I encourage you to find a place on the new pages for it. If you don’t see a good place for it right now, let me know.
Lastly, if any of you are particularly good at, and/or interested in, helping keep up the wiki more generally, both in weeding and transplanting, as well as in guiding the on-going process to develop better organization, please talk to me. I think that we could all benefit from an organized wiki-gardeners group!