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About the DuraSpace Scholars Workbench Solution Community

By Thorny Staples, Director of Community Strategy and Alliances and Director of the Fedora Project, DuraSpace
The purpose of the Scholars Workbench group and other solutions community groups is to create opportunities for people who are interested in topics that strongly relate to the DuraSpace mission (everything that relates to the problem of the durability of digital information, in short) to find each other. The idea is that if people can find each other and begin to share information, we can possibly create the conditions for true collaboration to develop. We are hoping to involve technically-aware decision makers who have resources to share, along with anyone who has an strong interest in the subject.
It seems to me that the focus of the Scholars Workbench community should be the idea that all information that is created in the process of scholarly and scientific activities should flow into repositories, from which it can then be used in the most effortless ways; it is always possible to make the decision to throw content away later, but it is not always possible to collect it after the fact.
Rather than being focused on creating the perfect complete application, it seems we should be focused on assembling the set of interfaces, standards and tools that can best be used to connect repositories like DSpace, Fedora and EPrints to the tools that have flexible, adaptable input/output capabilities. Ideally, this group could get to the point
where most of us are working on the smart tools sooner rather than later. I could imagine getting a subgroup going that was particularly interested in the I/O issues, with most of us concentrating on the tools that help in the content creation workflows, and the analysis and publishing activities that are ultimately the point. I would hope that
a lot of this work would be in adapting a lot of what has already been done.
Please visit for more information, or to join the Scholars Workbench Solution Community mailing list.