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DuraSpace Open Technologies in the News

Ithaca, NY  DuraSpace open technologies, projects and partners are discussed and analyzed in press releases, reports, media, and numerous blogs. The following references are links to what others have been saying about DuraSpace–DSpace, Fedora Commons and our community–in 2009.
Closer to home, DuraSpace open technology/open access news and events are reflected out regularly through the DuraSpace Blog at http://expertvoices.nsdl/DuraSpace and through Web sites. You may subscribe to the RSS for this blog at Follow DuraSpace breaking news and information on Twitter at
Cloud Computing and Repositories: Fedorazon Final Report                                                                                                    [Digital Koans] Fedorazon is an early, experimental, out-of-the-box version of the Fedora Commons repository software preconfigured for cloud installation.                                                                                                    
The Cloud, the Researcher and the Repository                                                                                       [Repository Man blog] “There’s currently a lot of buzz about DuraSpace, the DSpace and Fedora project to incorporate cloud storage into repositories.”
Getting Started with Fedora                                                                                                      [Digital Koans] “Whether you want to adopt one of the existing Fedora-based solutions or develop you own, this general introduction should be useful to you.”
HOWTO Install Fedora-Commons Repository on Debian                                                                                                     [Fak3r blog]  “My Super, simple HOWTO get Feodora-commons up and running in a development environment in Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu Linux.”
Institutional Repository on a Shoestring                                                                                                     [DLib Magazine] The authors describe Humboldt State University’s (HSU), one of the smaller campuses in the 23-member California State University (CSU) system, digital repository project based on DSpace.                                         
MIT Open Access Articles Collection Launched in DSpace@MIT                                                                                         [Digital Koans] MIT has launched a new collection of authors’ final submitted manuscripts in DSpace@MIT, the MIT Open Access Articles Collection.
Sun Microsystems Showcases Open Source Technologies at Educause 2009: Implementing Change at Columbia University Libraries                                                                                [Sun Microsystems Virtual Press Office] “Columbia’s integration of the SAM technology, a combination of StorEdge ™ 6140, 4500 and L500 tape storage media technologies, along with Fedora Commons Repository Software from allows it to remotely locate and manage digital artifacts on three tiers of storage in geographically disparate locations for long-term content preservation.”                    
Webinars Focus on Cloud Computing, Institutional Repositories, and Open Access                                                                                                                           [Wake Forest University Professional Development]  “Webinars that look at cloud computing and its role in institutional repositories.”
Word+SWORD+Ingester=Word to DSpace Deposit                                                                                                                          [Digital Koans] “Stuart Lewis describes how to get documents into DSpace from Word via SWORD and a custom DSpace ingester.”
Please contact DuraSpace if you have a news to share, or if your project has recently appeared in the press.