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Take the DuraSpace “Small Archives Group” Preservation Survey

Ithaca, NY, Boston, MA Small archives represent the long tail of cultural heritage. Most of us are coping with inadequate resources available for addressing our primary missions, and lack the time, staff, skills, and other resources to address long-term access to that cultural heritage. This includes the challenge of locating and securing tools and resources to address the long-term preservation required to assure that access.
The mission of the DuraSpace Small Archives Group is to address these needs. As a community, not only can we further preservation access and foster knowledge  sharing, but we can collaborate. This community is intended for the thousands of small cultural heritage organizations who lack resources to implement a solution on their own. For most of us, a “small archive” is a cultural heritage institution with one or fewer software developers on staff, perhaps even without an active webmaster.
To ensure that we are focusing on those concerns most relevant to small archives, we would appreciate your responses to a short (10-15 minutes) survey to better understand what is being done, and what is needed to ensure long-term access and preservation in small cultural heritage institutions.
We hope to share results of the survey at a BOF session at the Museum Computer Network conference in  Portland, OR on November 11-14, 2009 and at the DISH conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on December 8-10, 2009.  We will also share results and information online at our wiki home:
You can find out more about the Small Archives group at:
You can also participate by clicking:!
We greatly appreciate your participation.