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New DSpace Committers

Ithaca, NY, Boston, MA The DSpace committers group has announced two new additions to the group: Jeffrey Trimble and Larry  Stone. Please join us in welcoming them!
Jeffrey Trimble is currently the Systems Librarian at Youngstown State  University in Youngstown, Ohio. His responsibilities range from  tracing network cabling under the carpet to Unix administration on  their various AIX/LINUX servers.  He oversees the coordination of the  local Integrated Library System (ILS) with the statewide OhioLINK  system.  Additionally, he has the primary responsibility for the three  DSpace instances at the university, including RSpace, the repurposed DSpace software acting as an eReserve service for the library.
In the DSpace community, Jeffrey has been instrumental in improving  the DSpace documentation for release 1.6 as the “Documentation  Gardener.” In an effort to weed and feed the documentation, he has  tested various components and suggests changes and specifications when  the components doesn’t work as expected.
Larry began contributing to DSpace in 2005, through work on several  grant-sponsored research projects in the MIT Libraries’ Technology R&D  group. Since May 2009 he has been working for Harvard University  Library as the primary architect and developer of its open-access  institutional repository, DASH (Digital Access to Scholarship at  Harvard - Much of his work with DSpace has  been in the area of interoperability and external interfaces. He has  wide and varied interests in software development, including a  previous brush with digital libraries through a couple of Dienst  implementations and the old NCSTRL (Networked Computer Science  Technical Report Library) project.