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Deadline Sept. 28 for DuraSpace/SPARC Open Access Week Contest Entries

Ithaca, NY, Boston, MA If you been a part of establishing or maintaining a unique digital repository that provides open access to a collection, or showcasing your repository’s content  DuraSpace wants to hear your story. Please consider sharing your passion and knowledge of collecting, curating, managing and sharing digital repository resources by entering the DuraSpace/SPARC Open Access Week Contest and telling your short or long story:

Here is an example of the kind of story we are interested in:

Studs Terkel said,”Chicago’s story is a tale of people. People working, playing, fighting, organizing, relaxing, politicking, loving, hating, building, and everything else that makes a city hum. The Encyclopedia of Chicago has those people. It is their story.” ( The online version of the Encyclopedia of Chicago ( reflects that rich history in all of its grit and glamour and runs on top of a Fedora Commons repository.  In a presentation about how users interact with image collections using Encyclopedia of Chicago online tools Librarian and archivist Sarah Marcus, Historian and Managing Editor, Electronic Encyclopedia of Chicago, Chicago History Museum, noted that one student had zoomed in on a great pair of shoes captured in an image of the 1949 White City Roller Rink Demonstration because she was particularly interested in fashion. Although the fashions that people were wearing on the street at that time were not the context in which the photograph was cataloged or displayed, serendipitous access to this obscure image from long ago through an open access respository may have inspired a young fashion designer in her work.

Submit your entry online at through September 28, 2009. DuraSpace SPARC Open Access Week Contest winners will be announced on October 1, 2009. Winners will receive $50 Amazon gift certificates and will be invited to tell their stories during the Sun/DuraSpace/SPARC “All About Repositories” Web Seminar on Oct. 14, 2009. Screenshots and other media are welcome and should be submitted separately to Carol Minton Morris.