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Sept. 9: Sun/DuraSpace/SPARC “All About Repositories” Fall Seminar Series Kick-off

Ithaca NY, Boston, MA Don’t miss the Fall 2009  “All About Repositories” free web seminar series kick-off event on Sept 9. These highly successful webinars provide overviews of best practices, technology updates, and  key trend analyses for academic resources directors, IT managers, digital librarians, repository managers and developers, and curators. Join Mark Leggott, Valorie Hollister and Carol Minton Morris for the first web seminar in the fall “All About Repositories” series, “Easy-to-use DuraSpace Repositories Enabling Open Access: Islandora, DSpace and NSDL EduPak,” to take a look at simple repository solutions that enable open access to digital repository resources. The series is jointly sponsored by Sun, DuraSpace and SPARC. Register for this free web seminar today:
To celebrate Open Access Week presenters will unpack three open access, out-of-the-box repository solutions that will help make your digital assets available to your community “ASAP.” Mark Leggott, University Librarian, University of Prince Edward Island will explain Islandora, based on the easy-to-use Drupal content management system with a Fedora Commons Repository Software on the back end. Valorie Hollister, DuraSpace Community Outreach for DSpace, will talk about DSpace Repository software used by more than 600 institutions globally. Carol Minton Morris, DuraSpace Marketing and Communications and NSDL Communications, will introduce NSDL EduPak 1.0, a lightweight version of the open-source digital library platform used to power the National Science Digital Library designed to meet the needs of national educational organizations and institutions focused on establishing specialized digital collections, conducting educational research, and providing teachers with pedagogical tools that require basic digital repository technology. Art Pasquinelli from Sun will give an overview on the Sun PASIG event Oct. 7-9 and pertinent technology developments relevant to the repository community.